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Learn advanced SEO online for free

Learn advanced SEO online

Their are lots of resources which I used myself to learn advance Seo. So lets us discuss what is beneficial for you and what is not. You can start with Online blogs of famous Seo Experts online and you tube videos.

Here is step wise guide how to start and reach advance level of SEO:

1. Famous Blogs to learn advanced Seo online

You can start with Neil Patel and Moz blogs for learning some basics of SEO. Both of these guys are expert in this field and provide great content for SEO knowledge base. Neil patel blogs are written in simple format with lots of info-graphic which make its easy to learn anything. On the same side MOZ has very different style of writing and provide great content for learning basic to advanced SEO.

a. Famous Blogs of SEO to Start SEO Basics

Both of these blogger provide everything you need to learn about advanced SEO and new techniques to rank your website in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).  If you know these basics you can directly jump to 2nd step.

2. Important Seo Terms and Tools you must know

a. What is Keyword Research and its Importance in SEO?

Keyword is the query by customer on search engine intended to find solutions, buying product and many more. SEO first Step is to know how to Keyword Research for a particular niche.

Here are some blogs ,You tube videos  and tools which helps in Keyword Research.

Importance of Keyword Research

Research help you identify competition and traffic on a particular keyword. To start working on any project first step is keywords. This give an overview how much efforts you need to put in particular products. Some website which have very less competition may rank within one month and some takes more time.

This is really Great you made it so far. Now after this you must know how to use Google free tools i.e Search Console and Google Analytics

b. Google Free Tools

To learn about these tools google provide the most relevant content to learn everything about these tools. To learn about basics of these tools you can also choose Neil and Moz blogs. I have provided link of blogs helpful for you to learn about Google Free Tool.

Google Resources to learn advanced seo online about Search Console and Google Analytics. After reading this you will be able to find error in your website and know how to track traffic of your website.

1. Search Console Resource to Learn from Basics to Advance

2. Google Analytics Blogs and Google Resources

Google analytics help you track traffic of your website and give in depth detail about the traffic. You can check traffic based on demographics,content , resources generating more traffic and real time traffic. Now lets go directly to the in depth article about Google analytics

Also read:

Sitemap, Robots.txt ,Verify your site ownership  , How to place Google Analytics Code?, Page rank, Page position,  Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Most of my articles are 5 minutes loaded with great information. Tried to make this as short as possible so that you can get full information about the topic. If you have any queries and suggestions comment below.



How can I learn advanced SEO online for free?
Article Name
How can I learn advanced SEO online for free?
Learn from Basic to Advance techniques of SEO absolutely free. This article includes On-page and off-page technique and Google Free tools i.e Google Search Console and Google Analytics resources to read about each topic in depth.
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  1. Hussain September 25, 2018 at 7:16 am

    I have done training under and got placed after completion of this course. All the trainers have great knowledge about every topic. If you are planning to do new course this is best for you. You will get job for sure after this course.


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